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About MentalOptimist

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MentalOptimist was launched in 2016 and brought together a team of competent and ethical mental health clinicians who provide a comprehensive array of therapy and assessment services to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to help you create a secure, resilient self and strengthen your relationships by providing inclusive and accessible solutions. We truly understand your situation and the feelings you may be experiencing, so we strive to make sure you are at ease before, during and after your visit.

At MentalOptimist, we are committed to meeting you where you are in your journey towards recovery.



Deliberate practice refers to the therapist's conscious and ongoing efforts to create self-awareness and transform that awareness into intentional acts throughout the therapeutic process.


The goal of our therapy is to facilitate a comfortable and safe environment in which therapeutic relationships can flourish and thrive on the principles of unconditional positive regard, trust, and safety. We are committed to have

transparency in the delivery of services, open and honest communication with you with your growth in mind, and be professional in our approach, grounded, fun and light-hearted in our presence.


Our approaches follow a triphasic model in that we structure sessions around three main objectives. We will begin with the first objective but may move between all three as needed.

Clarify the purpose of your therapy, assess your concerns, identify potential root causes, and create a plan of action.

Psycho-education, skills building, and skills practice. The goal is to promote a more balanced lifestyle and improve your day-to-day life.

Working on the root cause and reducing disturbance connected to traumatic memories by processing them as needed.

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