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Traumatic Loss

"Together, we build resilience and foster belonging."

Traumatic loss is a profoundly difficult experience that can shake a person to their core. It often occurs suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving individuals grappling with overwhelming emotions such as shock, disbelief, anger, and deep sadness. The impact reverberates through every aspect of life, challenging one's sense of stability and security. Healing from traumatic loss involves navigating a complex journey of grief, where each person's process is unique and deeply personal. It requires compassionate support, patience, and time to gradually find ways to integrate the loss into one's life while honoring the memories of what has been lost. Through therapy and support networks, individuals can begin to find resilience and meaning amid the pain, fostering a path toward healing and eventual acceptance.

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Main Facilitator

Negar Khodadadi , MD., RP (Q)

CRPO (Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying)

OAMHP (General Member of Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals)

Our Traumatic Loss Group Therapy is more than just a session—it's a heartfelt journey towards healing. We understand the profound impact of loss and grief, and we're here to offer a safe haven where you can share your story, find solace among understanding peers, and begin to heal. Guided by compassionate therapists, our group provides a nurturing space to honor your experiences and embrace the path forward with resilience and hope. Together, we navigate the complexities of grief, supporting each other every step of the way toward renewal and healing.

Group Details

Session Cost


Group Meets

Every Sat 2:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M.

Format of the Group

Closed, 8 Ses

What to Expect

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: A place where you can express your emotions freely and without judgment.

  • Shared Understanding: Connect with others who have experienced similar losses, fostering empathy and mutual support.

  • Guided Healing: Therapist-led sessions focused on healing strategies and coping mechanisms tailored to your needs.

  • Community of Healing: Receive ongoing support and encouragement from peers on the journey to recovery.

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