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Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse, Share your story

"Together, we build resilience and foster belonging."

Narcissistic abuse can be deeply damaging, leaving survivors with invisible wounds that are often misunderstood. The psychological manipulation, gaslighting, and emotional control exerted by narcissistic individuals can create profound impacts on a person’s self-worth, trust, and mental health. 


Main Facilitator

​Ali Motevalli Haghi, M.Sc.

Mental Health Counsellor

Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology

Our Share Your Story Support Group is designed to offer a safe and nurturing space for survivors to explore their experiences and emotions. Led by an experienced Mental Health Counsellor who specializes in narcissistic abuse and trauma recovery, the group sessions focus on understanding the dynamics of narcissistic abuse, rebuilding self-esteem, and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

Group Details

Session Cost


Group Meets

Every Sat 4:00 P.M. - 5: 30 P.M.

Format of the Group

Closed, Ongoing 

Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Understanding Narcissistic Dynamics

  • Rebuilding Self-Esteem

  • Healing from Trauma

  • Developing Coping Strategies

  • Building Healthy Boundaries

  • Support and Validation

  • Promoting Self-Care

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