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Mirror Reflections

"Beyond Body is Healing from Conditional Love Wounds."

Body image can be seen as just about vanity or appearance, but in reality, it's often much deeper. Body image concerns can be rooted in complex emotional, psychological, and social factors. They can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, or body size.

It's crucial to recognize that body image issues can lead to serious mental health problems like eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. They're not simply about wanting to look a certain way, but about how we perceive ourselves and how that perception impacts our overall well-being.

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Main Facilitator

Maryam Ashkan, M.A. R.P.

Registered Psychotherapist and trauma therapist

Certified EMDR Practitioner

Certified Brainspotting Practitioner

Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist 

NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-II

I understand that body image is more than skin deep—it's about how we perceive ourselves and how those perceptions affect our mental and emotional well-being.

This group uses evidence-based approaches like ego state therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help you explore and understand your relationship with your body. Whether you're struggling with self-acceptance, disordered eating patterns, or the impact of societal pressures, our therapy sessions provide a safe space to address these challenges.

Group Details

Session Cost


Group Meets

Thursday Mon 6:00 P.M. - 7:030 P.M.

Who's this workshop for

Closed, ongoing 

Who Can Benefit

Our body image group therapy is open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are navigating challenges such as:

  • Negative body image

  • Eating disorders

  • Self-esteem issues related to appearance

  • Coping with societal pressures

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