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Hope Beyond Borders: Empowering Refugee Teenagers
Hope Beyond Borders: Empowering Refugee Teenagers

Please contact us for time and date details



Hope Beyond Borders: Empowering Refugee Teenagers

Time & Location

Please contact us for time and date details

Toronto, 5255 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N 5P8, Canada

About the event

The objective of this workshop is to provide targeted support for immigrant teenagers grappling with emotional distress and psychosocial hurdles during the acculturation process. Its primary focus revolves around identifying and mitigating negative psychological and behavioural repercussions stemming from the myriad conflicts and stressors encountered while adapting to a new sociocultural context. Central to the workshop’s mission is the establishment of a safe, non-judgmental space wherein immigrant adolescents can openly articulate and process their suppressed emotions. This therapeutic framework aims to facilitate their seamless integration into the local community while concurrently addressing emotional conflicts inherent in the acculturation journey. By nurturing a sense of belonging and resilience, the workshop endeavours to equip these individuals with the necessary psychological tools to navigate and overcome the challenges inherent in their cultural transition.

· Goal 1: Facilitate the social and cultural adjustment of refugee teenagers.

- Objective 1.1: Conduct weekly group therapy sessions focusing on cultural integration and coping strategies.

- Objective 1.2: Organize monthly cultural exchange activities to foster understanding and acceptance of Canadian culture.

· Goal 2: Enhance interpersonal relationship skills.

- Objective 2.1: Provide interpersonal skills workshops twice a month.

- Objective 2.2: Establish peer support groups to encourage mutual support and friendship.

· Goal 3: Promote mental health and emotional well-being.

- Objective 3.1: Offer bi-weekly individual counselling sessions to address personal challenges.

- Objective 3.2: Implement a mentorship program pairing refugee teenagers with local youth mentors.

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