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Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

At MentalOptimist, we will help you throughout the process to ensure you receive the coverage you need to get treated and simplify the process for you. We do so by billing motor vehicle insurers, dealing with your adjusters directly, helping you fill out the required paperwork, and devising a treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery. We also work with our partners and experienced personal injury lawyers to ensure our clients receive the treatments and benefits they require and deserve.

Why Choose MentalOptimist?

  • Health professionals specializing in motor vehicle accidents.

  • Quick access to healthcare professionals.

  • Direct bill to your insurance company.

  • We will communicate with your insurance adjuster and help you navigate through the system.

Injured in an accident?

Oftentimes people are unsure what to do after an accident. They may not even realize they have sustained an injury until much later. It can evolve into much more severe pain over the course of a few days or months. It is a proven fact that early treatment leads to faster recovery.Because these accidents can be so devastating, it is critically important to seek the appropriate medical and rehabilitative treatment immediately following an MVA. Delaying treatment can worsen sustained injuries, making the rehabilitative process even more difficult in the future.

Just got into a car accident?

Let us advocate for your health after an injury.

If an ambulance visit is not necessary, YIPEE!
Your next steps should be:
​       1. Report the accident to the police

       2. Call your auto insurance company

       3. Call MentalOptimist to arrange an MVA medical assessment:


       4. Car repairs

Must-know Details After An Accident:

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