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  • How do I get started with a provider at MentalOptimist?
    The first step is to book an initial 15-minute consultation so we can learn about your goals, evaluate fit, answer any questions you may have. We will pair you with one of our providers who best fits your needs.
  • What will my first session be like?
    Prior to the first session, we will send you an intake form to gather important information. We will also send you our consent form to complete. At the first session, you will be given information about confidentiality. We will take you through an initial psychological assessment with questions about your symptoms, life circumstances, history, and therapy goals. Your provider will discuss their recommendations for treatment and answer any questions you might have. If you or your provider determines that our clinic is not the best fit for you, we can provide you with referrals and recommendations for the next steps. If it is determined that we offer the type of therapy that is likely to be helpful to you, the next steps of this therapy plan will be explained in detail.
  • How long do psychotherapy sessions last, and how frequently do I need to come?
    Sessions are 50 minutes in length. Initially, sessions occur on a weekly basis. Once therapy has progressed, sessions may move to a bi-weekly basis.
  • How is my confidentiality protected?
    Confidentiality is one of the foundations of therapy and is bound by our ethical codes as well as by law. As with any therapy, there are some limitations to confidentiality in specific circumstances, and you will be informed of these before therapy starts by your provider. You will have the opportunity to discuss these with your provider to ensure you understand and feel comfortable moving forward. All software we use is secure and fully HIPPA compliant, meaning that it meets the highest standards for storing personal health information. If you have any questions or concerns about confidentiality at any point, please share these with your therapist. Your comfort about confidentiality is extremely important to the therapeutic process.
  • Are fees covered by OHIP or other insurance companies?
    The services of our therapists may be covered by your extended health benefits, though they are not covered by OHIP. Each client must pay the fees themselves and may reclaim the allowed portion covered by the plan if covered by an insurance plan. We do not file insurance claims, but we can provide you with a detailed receipt to seek reimbursement from your insurance plan. Please confirm the designation of the professional you plan to see and then check with your insurance company to ensure you have reimbursement coverage. Useful questions to ask your insurance provider are: Do you cover Registered Social Workers/Registered Psychotherapists/Life Coaches? How much am I covered for? What is the maximum amount per session am I covered for? Is the coverage for a calendar year or a fiscal year? If you are covered by Blue-Cross/Medavie under the RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces and their Veterans certificates, or if you got involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, we invite you to inquire about our therapists who are registered providers.
  • What are the costs of IFH, MVA or EAP programs?
    There is no cost to the client to access these services. These programs are funded and therefore allow for therapy services to be cost-free for the client.
  • What are the possible methods of payment?
    For the moment, we accept cash and E-transfer.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, please contact us at (647)-921-7124 or e-mail us at at least 24 HOURS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED SESSION to avoid paying for a scheduled session.
  • Do I need a doctor's referral before contacting you?
    No. In general, you do not need a doctor's referral before making the first contact with us. Nevertheless, if you are covered by an insurance plan, the insurer may require a doctor's note prior to any therapy session. Please verify with your insurance company for details.

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