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Adolescent Therapy

"Healing begins when you find the courage to explore within."

Teenagers undergo numerous sudden changes- physically, mentally, and emotionally. These changes can cause major behavioural changes in teenagers, which can have a negative impact on the parent-child relationship. Furthermore, a teen's preoccupation with friends, as well as the digital revolution (social media, smartphones, video games, and so on), tends to magnify underlying concerns. Parents may find themselves on unfamiliar ground with a child whose behaviour they hardly recognize.


Adolescent Psychotherapy:
What to expect and how it works​​

As a starting point, we meet with parents to gain a more thorough understanding of both the problems to be addressed and your child's developmental history.  We can clearly grasp the goals and areas of change at the initial session. Based on that, we can determine whether we want to start counselling with you and your child, the entire family, or just a few family members (either your child or you and your partner).


During the initial consultation session, we will discuss the details of your current concerns regarding your child. We will obtain background information and family history and discuss the goals for therapy. We will also review various approaches to psychotherapy and determine a course of action.

Following the initial assessment and based on your specific needs, you and your child will receive counselling either individually or together.

A typical therapy session lasts 50 minutes. Occasionally, a longer session may be needed with you in order to discuss your child's progress, resolve complex parenting concerns, or provide you with parent education/training. We can discuss the possibility of longer sessions if it is necessary.

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